Recruitment Task

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Recruitment Task

Post by Thyron on Wed May 22, 2013 2:21 am

To become part of Our Brethren, An Oath is Required and a sacrifice of the heathens.

The Oath;
Through the shadows of the Urth I move, masked and unknown. My brothers stand beside me, but my actions are apart, the final strike my own. The Depths I serve, the Hauad Logh I revere, a merchant of death boundless in reach. My Razors is the only certainty, its stewardship my own, the calmness and beauty of death are mine to teach.

The Sacrifice;
Kill of a Heathen is required to enter the Pack of Umtrahd Ruul.

(this will be primairly discussed with the Recruit and the Lead in Rank.)


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