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Rank Briefing

Post by Thyron on Wed May 22, 2013 2:05 am

Lupine Voides
Job Giver
Lead Assassin, task giver.

Lead Assassin is the Job, and task manager of the pack. He makes sure that all other Rankings are supervised, challenged, and manage their layouts and Give them their titles. Ofcourse all other High Mortal-wolves of the cult are able to do this, but it is originated to be supervised by the Lead assassin.

The lead assassin Isn't simply chosen, it is earned. through the course of your Rank, you will outmatch many, and will become the strongest, rule orientated Assassin, The Lupine Voides.


PHX: Lead Lupine Panthre
RSX: Lead Lupine Ventri
SWX: Lead Lupine Septre

The Leads of Lupine, Challenge your Brethren, Challenge others, Calculate and outcome tasks, You will earn this rank as your number Rises. Once reaching X, you will be chosen. If this spot is filled by another Lead Lupine, you biggest challenge will be to outmaster, your master.

These ranks are the trainers and are under supervision by the Lead Assassin. If the lead Assassin cannot manage the task to give challenges to the other lower rankers, then he will be assisted by these three Leads.

Pups, Premissions, and other Useful information;

Part of Urth is one with Dorrod Muth. Pups are premitted Estimately as large as those who wish it to desire, Mate is acceptable, Only from Within the brethren. These ranks are premitted to reach the corners of the Plains.

PH(I To X):
Lupine Panthre.
The way of those,
who wield magic and healing power.

RS(I To X):
Lupine Septre.
The way of those rogues,
who cling to darkness and deceit,
striking from the shadows.

SW(I To X):
Lupine Ventri
The way of those warriors,
who charge to their objectives,
crushing opposition of light and dark.

Pups, Premissions, and other Useful information;

A Mate is Premitted, One Pup is Premitted, Exit from territory is Premitted. Same counts with higherups, Only within the Cult of Dorrod.

Lupine Cruci
The One, The Recruit,
The Weak, The Child,
The Trainee.

Pups, Premissions, and other Useful information;
No Pups, No Mate, Exit is not allowed, Only Supervised by Higherups.


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