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Our Beliefs

Post by Thyron on Tue May 21, 2013 11:36 pm

My child,

Death is a beautiful thing, It is no end, it is a beginning. We are the Bringers of death, We are the Priests of Dorrod.

Dorrod Muth the Long-Abiding is the god of the Underworld, and former ruler of The mountain range of the Plains. His domains include death, funerals, caves, stone, and the protection of the Underworld. Dorrod Muth, along with Yolu and Shol, formed a triad referred to as The House of the Dead. Dorrod Muth administrates the lives and deaths of wolven-kind, rules over and defends the souls of the dead, and protects the Underworld from the ravenous Shol. He is said to preside over all the wealth and deep places of the earth, and holds little regard for the surface.

And Yolu My child,

Yolu is the goddess of the dead and dying, and former guide to the Underworld. Her domains include spirits, mourning, guidance, healing, mercy, and the celebration of life. Yolu, along with Dorrod Muth and Shol, formed a triad called the House of the Dead. She is sometimes called the Weeping God. Yolu acts as a psychopomp on The Plains, and would guide and protect the spirits of the recently deceased along their journey to the Underworld. She holds a deep love for the Wolven-kind, and mourns that she can only assist them after death. Yolu, more than any other god, abhors the existence of Shol, and her followers are expected to mercilessly hunt down and destroy the undead with her blessings. Her teachings are carved in stone of poetry called The Veil of Sleep.


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