Hierachy and Thyron

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Hierachy and Thyron

Post by Thyron on Tue May 21, 2013 11:24 pm

Part ancient cult, part brotherhood of assassins, the Umtrahd Ruul is an unusual cultural artifact within The Plains. But perhaps more interesting is their strict governing hierarchy, and the Hallowed One at the top of the organization. The current individual occupying that post is Thyron, a wolf as mysterious as he is adored by his followers, and none outside perhaps the Conclave know of his origins within the Umtrahd Ruul itself.

In the hierarchy of the Umtrahd, Thyron is the Hallowed One, or the single figure whom all followers look to for guidance and wisdom. He rarely leaves their cavernous home, only occasionally emerging to conduct his various business dealings in the name of Muth. A tall, black figurine, he inspires unease with his presence, and his unnerving calm does much to alienate him from those outside his brotherhood. To those within, however, he acts as a mentor and father figure, guiding them along the path their teachings prescribe. Thyron exhibits great cunning in his dealings, and shows a knowledge of modern Plains that few would suspect given his unknown past. There is certainly more to Thyron than meets the eye, should you be lucky or unlucky enough to see him, as the case may be. But he does not speak of anything save his brotherhood and its purpose, so it is only within the Umtrahd Ruul, or perhaps even the Conclave itself, that the ultimate goals for his cult are known.


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