Dorrod Muth, Yolu, Shol, Cult of Death

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Dorrod Muth, Yolu, Shol, Cult of Death

Post by Thyron on Tue May 21, 2013 11:18 pm

In Our world, death and its process is represented by three gods: Dorrod Muth, Yolu, and Shol. Each holds a specific job within the triad, and from a portfolio point of view each is equally as important as the other. Dorrod Muth and Yolu carried out their duties from Nother part of the plains, within the vast subterranean halls beneath the dense mountain range. Shol, however, was and still remains trapped in the Emptiness; first by the combined power of the other members of the triad, and now pinned by the full power of Yolu herself. This page will attempt to explain the basic function of each of the gods in the House of the Dead, and how they relate to one another.

Dorrod Muth
The God of the Underworld, Dorrod Muth the Long-Abiding was in charge of the safety of all souls once they left the Plains. The principle danger was Shol, or at least that was the easiest issue that mortal wolves could comprehend. Along these lines, Dorrod Muth and the rest of the triad were the only gods who truly understood what happened after the death of a mortal; it was part of their portfolio.

She was the Handmaiden of Dorrod Muth, the Guide to the Underworld. When a mortal faces True Death in The Plains, Yolu arrives to meet them, and to keep them safe until they are under Dorrod Muth's watchful eye. Without her guidance, spirits have been known to become lost on the way to their final resting places and be consumed by Shol; this happened a great deal during the early Age of The wolves. At the Second Battle, after Dorrod Muth left, it was she who bound Shol within The emptiness at great cost so that beasts could be safe from his hunger after death without Dorrod Muth to assist.

He is the God of Teeth, and consumption is all he knows. Shol was not always the mindless beast he is today; during the battle of Winnowing, he was actually one of the most clever and powerful gods to fight for control of The Plains. But he no longer holds the capacity for such things, as his ravening hunger has obliterated all of his coherence and understanding of his past. He exists to consume, to be the mouth of the Emptiness; neither good nor evil, like any other god, he upholds his portfolio the only way he can.


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